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Today UK | February 18, 2018

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How to Decorating the Baby’s Room

How to Decorating the Baby’s Room
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The arrival of a baby is always a time of joy, but also of hustle and bustle and busy days. That is why, at the time of birth, your child’s room should already be fitted and perfectly in order: In this guide, you will find advice and information useful to prepare it for time.

Furniture for the baby’s room

Before proceeding from the purchase of the furniture to decorate the room of our newborn (changing table, cot, wardrobe, chest of drawers …), you have to be clear about the durability of the furniture you intend to buy. There are young couples who plan to put on a large family, while others prefer not to stop at only one child: then in the first case the furniture will last for several years without having to be forced to change them, but in the second, you can point also to quality furnishings not excellent.

Furthermore, there is furniture that will be used only in the first years of life (such as the changing table and cot), while others can last for many years (cabinets and chests of drawers). It is therefore, necessary to choose the furniture deciding in advance how long you plan to use it: When you no longer need, you can still be sold, lent or given away. Everything that will furnish the room, from furniture to toys, from the decorations to the objects for the care of the child, must conform to European safety standards (CE label).

The Crib and The Mattress

In the first few months of life, the cradle is probably the mobile bedroom most important of all since the baby will spend most of the time. A convertible crib is undoubtedly the best choice, since when the child is a little older you can convert into a bed with the banks. If you were to opt for a traditional cradle to be replaced at a later time with a cot, it is good to choose furniture with rounded corners and vertical edges, which do not pose a risk of nesting of the head or hands of the child.

Much attention must be paid to the choice of the mattress, which shall be fully appropriate to the size of the cradle (or bed) to prevent the child from slipping into the gap side. They are in fact, just a couple of finger’s cavity so that a child can fit between the mattress and furniture, a foot or a hand. It is important that the mattress and the pillow are anti suffocation, and we should not take for granted this feature since, not all the furniture cots are made in this way. Yet, similar materials can really make the difference between life and death, so it is good to choose only quality mattresses and pillows that are possibly also anti-allergic and anti-mite.

The Decorations for the Bedroom

Since the eye wants its part, the nursery for the newborn must not only be practical and functional, but also attractive for the aesthetic point of view. After thinking furnish it with what, then, begins the difficult but rewarding task to take care of the decorations and to do that you can start from the color on the walls.

It would be rather obvious shades of pastel blue paint a bedroom of a child, and the pink room that will accommodate a sissy, the colors available are in fact, so many, and so beautiful, that there is certainly spoiled for choice. For example, a pale yellow or light green is suitable for both sexes, and in case of indecision, you can also paint the walls a different color.

Once painted the walls, the decorations that you can add are, for example, stencil with fun patterns such as stars, flowers, animals, angels or cartoon characters. It is important to paint and decorate the walls with a good advance of the expected birth date, so as to leave plenty of time so that the fumes of the paint, and the paint can dry completely.

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