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Today UK | February 18, 2018

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How to Choose Wall Stickers

How to Choose Wall Stickers
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To give a new touch to the walls and customize the rooms of the house need not necessarily to apply to painters or decorators: the wall stickers are a practical and economical solution, which offers the possibility to choose among numerous subjects, types, styles and sizes to suit all needs.

The stickers (or sticker) decorative wall decals are practical solutions that allow you to customize your home in a simple and striking. Their application is quick and intuitive, and there is no need to use or special tools or adhesives of any kind. The wall stickers are pre-cut and self-adhesive, and can be used to decorate all smooth surfaces of the house: from walls to furniture, from household appliances to windows, and so on. Give a new face to the home with wall decals is an original and eye-catching, which allows you to choose among the many individuals who are best suited to the characteristics of the house, the intended use of the rooms and of course, its personal tastes. In the market, you can find such subjects plants, such as plants, flowers or trees able to brighten the appearance of the house and give it a “natural” look. To make rather nice and cozy children’s room, are very popular subjects such as cartoon characters, comic books or television series, but also drawings of animals or fantastic creatures.

Among the wall decals, you can also choose abstract designs, symbols (hearts, stars, geometric shapes …) or combinations of numbers and letters to be arranged to form words, slogans or aphorisms. The wide variety of stickers available on the market really allows you to customize all the home environment according to their preferences. Choose to decorate their home with wall stickers not only allows you to give a new touch to the interior, but also allows you to save money compared to alternative jobs for renewal much more challenging from an economic standpoint as, for example, repainting the walls or replace the furniture.

Practicality of Wall Stickers

In addition to the wide variety of subjects available, the practical benefits of wall stickers can also be found in the extreme simplicity of application (see next paragraph). Furthermore, their removal can be done in a very simple way, and it is possible to apply new whenever you feel the need to modernize the look at their home.

Whether it’s a large wall or a small area, there are wall stickers to suit all needs. It ranges from those smaller, which measure only a few inches to the side, the big sticker that can cover entire walls. In the latter case, the drawing is divided into several small sticker, that can be handled and pasted with ease. When working with adhesives consist of some parts, you should be very careful lest gaps remain between one section and the other margins and match with each other perfectly. To best perform this operation it is good to at least get help from another person who, observing from a distance, can give guidance on the proper placement of the stickers. To keep them in place and determine the final location, the stickers can be temporarily glued to the surface to be decorated with the masking tape.

How to apply Wall Stickers

The commercially available wall decals are self-adhesive, so you do not need or glue or adhesive to attach them to the walls. Decorations can be installed with simple gestures using only a common plastic spatula and bevelled edge, which in some cases is provided directly by the manufacturer. Before providing the gluing, the surface to be decorated must be thoroughly cleaned to allow the perfect adhesion of the adhesive. In the case of a wall, you can use cloth to remove any dust, while the surface’s plastic, glass or other smooth can be cleaned thoroughly with a degreaser or with ethyl alcohol.

The adhesive should be spread on a horizontal plane (a table or the floor), and with the spatula must press hard on the entire surface, from the center towards the edges, to eliminate any bubbles trapped between the adhesive airs and drawing. Once the two layers have been made to adhere perfectly, the sticker must then be shot, removing the protective layer of paper. At this point, you can place the adhesive on the surface to which to apply it permanently, with assistance from a person to hold it and eventually pasting the corners with masking tape.

Once placed the sticker in the desired position before gluing true: with the spatula, you must proceed from the center outwards, with pressing force in such a way as to perfectly adhere the adhesive to the underlying surface. To ensure optimal bonding can be done a second pass with a spatula. Once finished, it’s time to start to remove the transparent paper, starting to lift a board to see if the sticker adheres well to the wall. If not, you can give further buffing with a spatula and wait 5-10 minutes. Then you can carefully remove the plastic wrap, avoiding sudden movements and jerks. In the unfortunate, event remained of the air bubbles trapped underneath the sticker, no problem: you can pierce it with a pin then pressing the adhesive to release the air.