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Today UK | February 18, 2018

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How to Choose Underwear for Men?

How to Choose Underwear for Men?
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Modern people care more and more of their clothing is not only external, but also intimate. Choose carefully underwear clothes to wear, and often also enjoys showing them. The convenience is always an important requirement, but not neglect also other elements. In fact, between fabrics and colors, you can be really tasty, and as well – because no-surprise viewers. Let’s go into the world of men’s underwear, analyzing trends and fashions.

The Classic Slip

There is always someone who does not give up the tradition and opt for the classic slip Sgambati. We find them in cotton, and also elastic. These are preferred by people used to wear jeans or pants fairly close, since they ensure a perfect fit. Usually panties has been elastic around the waist a more or less often. The colors? Moreover, for those who do not deviate from the classic, is white. Nevertheless, the color is still going strong black, or dark blue, with elastic draw or designer. For the man, a little quirky and ironic, are marketing briefs with fun prints and colorful, for example, with cartoon characters. Renowned designers such as Dolce and Gabbana and Armani have proposed a few years ago the slip with the elastic back over (with big letters, I would say) the brand.

A way as any to launch a fashion trend. Followed mostly by teens a bit self-centered, who like to wear pants very low life. Fashion changes quickly, now returned the pants a little higher in life, so the underwear back to do the “intimate” , or an instrument of seduction intimacy. The slip should be comfortable. A word of advice: do not use slip too tight because they hurt. It is better to opt for cotton or lycra, but be careful of the percentages contained synthetic.

The fabric should be soft, naturally conform to the body, to feel like a “second skin”. If the cotton is very thin and almost transparent seems to slip, for sure the quality is not good. The comfort should be the main requirement for a slip-respecting. Moreover, the word “slip” is derived from “to slip” which means slip, slide, slide. The meaning refers precisely to this concept of practicality and functionality. To be assured of a good-quality cotton, the advice is to buy underwear clothes companies are known and trusted. Name a few? Kappa, Fila, Sloggi, Cotonella and others. Let’s look together.

The Latest Trends : The Boxer Briefs

It literally means “boxer briefs”. A perfect mix between classic briefs and boxers, a leader friendly loved by all men. This garment intimate satisfied everyone, and solves the age-old dilemma of choosing between boxers and briefs. In fact, the boxer off not like it at all because they are not practical. At the same time, you would want to wear something different than the usual slip. The Boxer member is therefore, ideal. But who launches the new trends in clothing underwear? It is clear that we cannot spy on the intimate of friends and colleagues to “steal” their preferences. So they, the actors and stars of the small screen, throwing the trends in terms of “intimate”.

In the 80s, the slip reigned unchallenged in clothing men’s underwear. In the early 90s, then began to develop the boxer. I wonder if any of you remember Bruce Willis in an episode of ” Moonlighting “. The American actor wore with extraordinary natural a couple of funny boxer hearts. And since then, more and more men’s underwear began to be shown on the catwalks (and not only). The former mayor of Milan Albertini had no hesitation to pull off a slip cashmere in 1998, while Gianni Morandi led an entire telecast prejudice ” in his underwear. ” It was the evening show, ” One of Us ” in 2002. Not to mention the players, who increasingly are in their underwear in the field to sing the praises of victory.

Obviously, the ideal leader for this type of ” fashion ” is just the boxer-briefs. But what are the characteristics that make it so popular among men? First, “support” loosely, and this also makes them suitable for sports and fitness activities. Do not bend, remain absolutely intact under the clothes, do not cause any discomfort. Certainly, there are a lot more practical than the boxer balloon! And then. Another not insignificant! It seems that it also has a ” push up ” that makes people happy, but it puzzled women. Best classic slip, at least no surprises of any kind? To each of your choice!