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Today UK | February 18, 2018

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How to Choose Umbrellas

How to Choose Umbrellas
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The umbrella is an accessory, made of waterproof material, which is essential for shelter from rain or sun. According to statistics, ranks first for the forgotten objects around distraction. We do not care then our umbrella, but we cannot do without, so that boasts the appointment of the most stolen objects. Who among us has not been tempted, coming out of a public place, to take an umbrella in the basket rather than venture out in the rain. We see all the features and types of umbrellas to understand how to choose the most suitable to our needs.



Type of Umbrellas

The first umbrellas weighed more than a pound and a half and were obviously brought by servants. Only in the nineteenth century with the introduction of the umbrella-stick is moved to a reasonable weight (350 grams) due to metal uprights invented by Fox and Deschamps. Today we can boast of many variations to suit any occasion.

  • Classic umbrella: men or women, in different sizes and colors, with curved or straight handle with shoulder strap. The classic instrument cover.
  • Men’s umbrella: Dark color, black, blue to brown up. Elegant and simple with the handle preferably arched. Today is very popular also the telescopic to keep in the briefcase.
  • Women’s umbrella: Color trendy, tastefully chosen according to their personality or in combination with some other accessory. Chosen on the basis of the trend of the moment rather than on technical features.
  • Telescopic umbrella: invented in 1928 by a German engineer was put on the market under the name Knirps which means pygmy. It shortens and fits easily in your purse or even your pocket. Now they are really small, some dishes to take up as little space as possible.
  • Umbrellas manual and automatic: the first are those to be opened with two hands while the latter are those that pressing a key will open automatically. In closing are always manual.
  • Luxury umbrellas: they are sought after by the ladies of a certain rank. They are completely handmade with materials and fabrics sought by highly skilled craftsmen. The brand takes a back seat when compared to the care of the details of these umbrellas.
  • Umbrellas: they are the ones that are given away by companies as a gadget on the occasion of fairs or similar. If the brand is trendy, it will be the umbrella otherwise it is an object a bit cheap.
  • Children’s¬†Umbrellas: apart from those blind for prams and strollers, there are numerous types of miniature umbrellas suitable to be worn by children. They are very lightweight, akin to the more rounded and bright colors inspired by the cartoons.

How to Choose Umbrellas?

Choose your accessory from a myriad of umbrellas seems the easiest thing in the world, but if we want to choose the right umbrella for us; we have to consider a few things. If for men remains a useful tool for women, umbrella should be considered an accessory for all purposes. In the schools of fashion is designed like any other accessory. The gives you the same dignity style of a handbag or a pair of shoes, so if you want to be trendy you do not have to mention this detail.

The umbrella can be trendy or talk about us. In any case, as for the other accessories, we have to be able to also choose according to our personal characteristics. To take some extreme example: if we are very low we avoid very large umbrellas that we would look like mushrooms and try to prefer something more minute and delicate. If you are shy, reserved and do not like to appear especially if we avoid buying an umbrella fluorescent colors. If your sun eye on him and if you cannot annoy you dare with those nice bright colors or transparent umbrellas with the latest trend with lace and rhinestones. If you want to be trendy at all costs, do not forget to buy the umbrella coordinated every time you buy a new bag or a new coat. If the rain puts melancholy might be useful to buy an umbrella fun color or pattern inside which is painted the sky blue. It certainly will help you overcome the sadness.

Always remember that in the collective imagination, a woman who hides behind an umbrella is synonymous with sensuality. The umbrella brought with grace is still an instrument of seduction because he can recall images of women of the past who seduced with games of looks, and ” I see and I cannot wait.” Nowadays, you can buy an umbrella a little everywhere. From the stand out of the subway to the online store. Obviously, it depends on the type of umbrella you want to buy. As I said before the maximum would buy the umbrella combining it with other accessories: all shoe stores also sell bags or umbrellas. But if you want the most disparate range of umbrellas to choose from I recommend you try on the Internet. You will be amazed with the choice there.