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Today UK | February 18, 2018

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How to Choose Suitcases

How to Choose Suitcases
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When you have the extraordinary opportunity to travel, the element that certainly cannot miss is the suitcase. In it are folded all clothing and tools needed. It is an object with which we have a seemingly familiar, know it thoroughly models and applications.

What is your Suitcase?

Although not always have sufficient funds for travel, a little we all know what a suitcase. It is an object that handles very often, at least not that we are forced to move for work, but all in all, you always have an idea of ​​how it is made a suitcase. On a daily basis, we usually prefer bags and backpacks because it is believed the suitcase as something too cumbersome and challenging (although, to be fair, it must be said that some backpacks are now designed as if they were capacious luggage. Consider in this regard the backpacks with wheels and extendable handle designed in a manner very similar to the Trolley which will be discussed further below).

The case is, therefore, a very large container to carry it. We make use of handles or wheels, and inside it are renting clothes, jackets, shoes, clutch bags and whatever is necessary to take to the road (but also unnecessary things very often are brought!). The bag is usually made of plastic and fabric, to the more modern models, and leather for those more advanced in years that are falling gradually into disuse in favor of younger colleagues. The form is generally of a parallelepiped, but is also known experiments in the form. Indeed, there are bags from the belly rounded (which favors the capacity) and also suitcases rounded (from lack of capacity, suitable for handling material necessities). Have you ever wondered where the word “suitcase” ? Probably not, but even if you were asked this question, the answer would have been somewhat unclear.

Size of Suitcases

Nowadays, the suitcase certainly cannot assume a standard form. Everyone has different needs in this regard, and the market cannot miss the opportunity to speculate creating different sizes of the same product! If in the past the same suitcase, large and roomy, it was absolutely fine for every occasion even a little trip on the sea, now we are more spoiled, and the luggage must fit to the millimeter to our actual needs.

This will give us the big suitcase for holidays longer lasting (a couple of weeks or more), the average of the week and the small resort for the weekend in the beach house. This is roughly the trend that we follow, but we analyze in detail the size that we could find at the time of purchase. It must be considered, first, that there are many dimensions depending upon the brand and model, but in general, you can implement it as indicative of generalizations:

  • The BIG Suitcase has dimensions of approximately 50 x 74 x 29 cm. Understandably it is the favorite for longer trips, especially if carried out in cold places and winter seasons in which course to take clothes are more and more voluminous.
  • The Suitcase MEDIA may have dimensions of 45 x 64 x 24 cm. It is suitable for those people who know how to fine-tune the necessary objects from those with which they can easily do without. If used to transport summer clothing proves to be very large, in contrast to the winter allows the transport of a enough clothes, but you can certainly carry the whole wardrobe.
  • The Suitcase SMALL is favored by lovers of the last minute and has dimensions ranging from 40 x 55 x 20 cm. It can prove to be a winning choice, especially for summer holidays or of very short duration. The limited capacity, however, has the advantage of ensuring a wide handling and practicality of use.

Types and Models of Suitcases

As for the size, even among the models you can choose from to suit most needs. If we also consider those that have fallen into disuse, the varieties are truly many. Since some are still present, even crammed in the basement or sold in flea markets, you need to keep them still consider so that even the youngest can know:

  • Think of the bags or containers canvas fabric laminated cylindrical in shape. They are usually also used to carry items needed to sports also given the abundance of internal and external pockets. Their function is not limited only to this given that many are also comfortable for travel.
  • Sometimes suitcases are made very similar to the backpacks. Of small size and reduced to a minimum, are practical for short-term travel. Modern and dynamic are convenient to carry always with the person without requiring large suitcases in tow.
  • The soft suitcases are now fallen into disuse. Most are not even produced by the companies. It is characterized by the classic suitcase’s traditional rectangular shape and made of cloth or if anything, plasticized fabric. The worst handicap is to be uncomfortable to carry because no ergonomic handles or wheels. For this reason, have been supplanted by more modern models and also to facilitate its use as the trolley or panniers.
  • Hard suitcases are now the most widely used. More resistant and manufactured with durable materials, are suitable for most travel needs. The objects crammed in-house are relatively well protected if embedded and this means that the luggage is safer, especially in travel by bus or train in which the luggage has been piled together.
  • The suitcases have mixed characteristics between the semi-soft suitcases and rigid ones. And how many times the happy medium is the winning formula.