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Today UK | February 18, 2018

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How to Choose Military Clothing?

How to Choose Military Clothing?
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The military clothing is finding more and more popular because it is practical to wear and also beautiful to see.┬áNot only for those who have the passion of the armed forces or action movies Americans but also for women.┬áLet’s see what are the characteristics of these garments should be worn and how.


This type of clothing has specific characteristics and garments that can be worn are different are the pants (usually wide and the side pockets at the bottom), caps, hair flat caps, T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, accessories, gloves, helmets and even camouflage! As for for the colors, they are the typical ones used in the army so the shades of green and brown in all shades. The mimetic can also be gray, alternating with white pants and jackets.

The materials typically used for such items of military clothing are durable stretchy and good quality. In addition, these materials are also quite breathable, so they are able to protect the body from excessive sweating. The quality and durability of these garments mean they can last a long time without spoiling. The shirts, for example, seldom fade, and jackets can tolerate washing at high temperatures without being the least affected.

Typical of military combat boots, heavy footwear suitable for use on all types of terrain even the most inaccessible and therefore, worn by most of the armed services. Then there are the military accessories such as bags and backpacks typically made of materials resistant and very convenient for the various circumstances. It is appropriate accessories to be transported and capacious inside them. The backpacks are usually big and bulky because the military is used to fill them with whatever they need.

The military clothing is mostly used by young people who like to mix this style with sportswear, and the result is very positive! The girls choose military green tank tops baggy pants that match and multiple pockets. Of course if you do not want to opt for amphibians (more suitable for males) at least you wear a sports shoe and low.

Who wears military clothes?

What are the types of people who wear such a clothing military? We have already alluded to the young who opt for military style garments because they are comfortable and ” fashionable “. Then there are people who use this clothing to practice some sports, such as hunting or fishing. Generally, hunters wear came as that of the soldiers for a few reasons: it’s easy does not interfere with the movements, and is ideal for camouflage among vegetation to capture their prey. The multi-pocket pants are suitable to insert the cartridges, and you need to hunt but also fishermen find them comfortable.

Then there are the fans of the currency and armed forces that opt for this type of clothing to wear something original or at a fancy dress party. Sometimes just a little to make more refined style, for example, a military green shirt or jacket combined with a simple jean. The military clothing used for sports purposes may be of any size up because usually wears larger. So people thinner are more difficult to find clothing military, compared to the more stout and robust.

The equipment of the U.S. military is suitable to be worn in winter when temperatures are very low but also when it is very hot. Both winter and summer shoes used are amphibians, which do not differ in models in Italy and America and are suitable for any occasion. Also ideal for walking in the city! Fans of this type of clothing they know where to buy it. They are no shops or market stalls where you can find real opportunities!