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Today UK | February 18, 2018

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How to Choose Men’s Shirt?

How to Choose Men’s Shirt?
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Style and elegance, but also comfort and practicality to a man’s shirt, today asks this and much more. Cape Prince of menswear, can be purchased in different styles and fabrics: we see the most common and read some good suggestions for a quality purchase.

Shirts, today, there are really many models, each more suited to a context or a type of clothing. Provided that, in some cases, the types of shirts are even gone down in history, for political and cultural meanings associated with them, however, there is now a greater freedom for the choice of head wear. If we wanted to keep the tradition, we could certainly think of the red shirts of Garibaldi, the Black shirts fascist, or even white-collar workers, the classic way in which we refer to employees of high-profile.

Of course, no one will forbid to wear a certain color or pattern, without having to feel connected to the old cliché, but it is useful to recall that certain types of shirts cannot be suited, in terms of style, in specific circumstances. For example, in an office you should not exaggerate with patterns and bright colors, preferring the classics that go well with everything, but in a dark suit, or at least with a more formal dress, the white shirt is still considered a must.

Jackets with patterned, such as pinstripes, should only be worn shirts plain, also, do not forget that is the shirt that must be combined with the tie, with a view to the general harmony. Among the most informal, there are those Hawaiian shirts and flannel, not to mention the shirts made of denim. Often, the latter does not have the classic buttons with loop but are made with those clips, highlighting the informal nature of this part.

Type of Fabric

The fabrics mainly used to make a shirt are two, cotton and linen. Interestingly, however, also take into account the different processes that may characterize a shirt, in order to choose the best suited to our style of clothing.

Recall also that the flax fibers, often, are mixed with wool, silk, polyester or viscose, in order to obtain the special characteristics as regards weight, freshness of the yarn or gloss.

Although the flax is softer and more absorbent than cotton, the latter has supplanted almost exclusively in the production, given that the cost of its manufacture is much more content.

Wanting to list then the main types of fabric used in the realization of the shirts, we must remember :

  • Poplin, a fabric that is obtained by weaving warp yarns thinner than the weft threads.
  • The Oxford, less elegant lawn or poplin, however, is an extremely durable and soft tissue.
  • Royal Oxford, Oxford or even shaved, is a more elegant version of the Oxford traditional.
  • Sea Island, fabric quality, more than poplin, is mostly used for designs or vivid fantasies.
  • The Twisted Twill, a fabric with opalescent reflections, particolarme suitable for nte shirts solid color.
  • The Pinpoint, a mixture composed of poplin and Oxford.
  • The Twill herringbone, wherein the wires are woven diagonally creating a zig-zag.
  • Voile, or even veil, is used purely for the shirts more summer, being characterized by very thin yarn, which confer a specific freshness and transparency to the fabric.
  • The Zephyr, which is also suitable for summer clothes, is slightly less compact poplin, and proves to be a choice for intermediate quality and value.

A special mention, finally, deserves silk, including natural fibers, is undoubtedly the most precious and expensive, as well as hard work. Fresh, light but thermally interesting, silk remains a rare elegance fabric for shirts for both men and women.

How to Choose Men’s Shirt?

Choose a shirt is not easy, as we have to understand seeing the many features that are part of this Chapter. Of course, those who love tailoring products will no doubt have a trusted seamstress to turn upon the construction of major products, but it is not to disdain purchase from a well-stocked shop, especially for clothes daily.

However, having the trained eye to recognize a good-quality jacket is important, so as not to unnecessarily pay for low value products or, conversely, to be able to make a good deal, maybe even buying a brand unknown.

Certainly, the price has its own importance, but this is especially true when you want a joint product: a shirt of good or excellent quality can cost a lot, but it will definitely feature like excellent fit and durability.

Often, you cannot try before buying the shirt for hygienic reasons, so it’s even more important to assess the overall quality at the head, before proceeding from the purchase. The fit with a bit of experience, it can be also considered without wearing his shirt. We see, then what to focus our attention.

Cotton, as is normal that is, it will tend to shrink for four or five washes, for a total of about 1 cm: best, therefore, if the neck is slightly off the cuff and a bit ‘long, also because the cuff does should never ” disappeared ” under the sleeve of his jacket, but stick with it for about an inch.

The tips of the collar should never get up, even when you turn your head, and even if you wear ties too heavy or particularly large knots. It is good that the height of the neck is not higher than that of the jacket, because it is a sign of elegance keep it covered. This is rarely possible with a narrow collar with spikes, while the practice of choosing a French collar.