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Today UK | February 18, 2018

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How To Choose Men’s Jacket?

How To Choose Men’s Jacket?
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The men’s jacket is one of the most important leaders in the male wardrobe. In fact, without it, would be very difficult to dress appropriately, elegant or casual, it does not matter, in the events from everyday life. Choose a man’s jacket, however, is no easy task: we try to understand more and learn not to make fatal mistakes in terms of style.

The jacket for men, although this may be new to many, is a piece of clothing rather old. In the distant past – we are talking, in fact, the Neolithic age – already existed prototypes that were used jacket for men as for women. It is, of course, of animals not comparable to the complexity and elegance of the current ones, however, show that this kind of clothing was already considered important by prehistoric men.

The jacket, with the names and characteristics, more or less, know it today can be traced back to France in 1600. The term “jacket” seems to derive from the personal name “Jacques”, very common especially in the poorer segments of the population and devoted to work in the fields. This clarification is very important, since the modern jacket seems to be born as a coat use of weapons to protect the clothing of peasants during the riots. This “prototype” jacket was short and it was full of pockets to offer more convenience and ease of use.

Further evolution of the jacket has occurred in Britain in the next century to codify the nineteenth century on the way that is known in this day. In fact, even the vest, pants, shirt and tie have been revolutionized overseas in 1700, so it is more than legitimate to speak to the English school in realizing this basic clothing. Very interesting is the combination of jacket and pants, a classic men’s clothing that is the basis of elegance to a man. It is also true that, nowadays, there are also many examples of jacket and trousers for men no longer cut formal, but more sports whom you can wear both in the workplace, and on occasions when it is a casual dress code.

Key Features of the Jacket

A man’s jacket has some essential characteristics, whatever the model, which is also good to know to assess the quality of the garment you are going to buy. Let’s start from the top, and then we talk about the neck and shoulders. The neck of a jacket must adhere to the back around his neck, then his shirt, regardless of body movements. If too short, it will tend to lift the edges of the jacket, if too long will cause an imbalance in the proportions. In both cases, only a little ‘training and, in short, you will be able to locate the neck with just a simple glance.

The shoulders of the jacket should be quite ” built ” to give the impression of falling, but at the same time, you should avoid models padded martial. It must wear large but not too much and not have to tighten the muscles on the arms at the slightest movement. The armhole is another very important element. The bottom should have an excellent cut, which is accompanied perfectly with the movement of the axilla. Armholes too tight is a defect in the jacket, which one will take as it should. Continuing, we find the section on the chest.

In this case, you will have to choose a jacket from the chest large enough to not be uncomfortable when buttoned, even if you are sitting. The men’s jacket, it is important to remember that, should never be taken not fastened, as a matter of etiquette. The men’s jackets with three buttons provide the lacing only the central one, those two buttons only the first. Very important, and little known, is the drop. This term identifies the relationship between the width at the waist and the chest.

For example, the drop 6 is the most common and defined as normal. The drop 8 is for those who have life narrower than the thorax, and the drop 4 is for those who have life wider than the thorax. Finally, we talk about the length. A man’s jacket should always cover the backside of the wearer, while on the sleeves, it is common that, taking the arm, not bait more than an inch of shirt sleeves. Much the same for the height of the neck.

How to Choose a Quality Jacket?

A jacket is not made up only of the essential features of which we spoke earlier. There are, in fact, many others, combined with the most suitable accessories, can give a mark of distinctive style and speak of the personality of those who choose a particular piece of clothing over another. The lapels, for example, are a particular that often changes to the change of mode and in time.

To keep the timeless classic, do not pick or lapels too big or too small, reaching a width of between 8.5 and 10 cm. In particular, then, it should be noted that the notched lapels are the most common and are portable from anyone, the flap tip is more suitable for formal jackets or those extremely fashionable. The shawl lapel tuxedo is characteristic, and it would be ok to leave exclusively to this specific type of jacket.

However, there is no rule of etiquette to do so. The slots of good quality are those made by hand, but not often found on jackets industry. The slots of the sleeves of the jackets are packed almost inevitably fake, while those of tailoring can be untied. Even the slot on the lapels should be strictly true and open.

Even the way they are attached the buttons on the jacket says a lot about manufacturing. If the wires are crossed, then it is a realization by hand. It goes without saying that a button is made of precious ivory, nacre or other precious material. The liner is best in silk or satin, slightly stronger than before: a lining of good quality to ensure a long service life jacket.