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Today UK | February 18, 2018

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How to Choose Grill Cookware

How to Choose Grill Cookware
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The grill is a useful tool to use in the kitchen to change the way of cooking food, which is so healthy and natural way, without adding fat. The types on the market are numerous, try to understand what might be the best ones for the needs of our family.

Grilling is one of the most popular and also more intuitive since it uses, since the dawn of time, the fire as a tool to flavor foods and make them healthier as well as more digestible. Of course, the king of cooking with fire is the barbecue, which becomes the symbol of festive family events, rituals and collective time spent in joy and abandon. They know something the Anglophone countries. First of all, the United States, but also in the UK, Australia, Ireland, where be invited to a barbecue means taking part in an event characterized by informality and conviviality.

It is not uncommon, however, see also in Italy, especially during the summer, many families looking for the most suitable place in which to install your own barbecue for a day. Of course, in our country is not the house, not even a house, how housing more widespread, but the apartment, which makes the outdoor grill an opportunity for a picnic in a park or nature reserve, unlike what happens in those countries where the barbecue on Sunday is a custom also widespread due to several living units.

However, the allure of a good steak does not have to go through coal (or gas) and fire: even in your own home you can cook great food grilled, provided you have the right tool. In this case, it is the grill on which to prepare meat, fish and vegetables (or even fruit) in a natural and genuine. With a grill, you can cook without adding fat, enhancing the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of foods, enhancing even the most delicate of flavors. In the market, there are different types of steak, each with their own specific characteristics: choose is not always easy, and an outline of the main on the market to help you buy the one that suits your needs.

Grills Traditional

The cast iron griddle is considered probably the most common and most used, perfect for cooking in the hob home. It is true that, in some cases, you can replace it with a non-stick pan, but the results will not be comparable to a good steak in cast iron. The material properties cause the heat conduction takes place in an optimal way, in a short time and without the addition of fat, in addition, the griddle plate in cast iron can be used on any type of cooker, that is, gas hob, induction or electric.

To cook to perfection with this kind of griddles must follow some measure, useful to extend the life of the tool in question. In fact, it is a rather simple procedure: first of all, you need to warm up to perfection the griddle, then sprinkle it with a little olive oil and when starting to smoke, can be used for baking food. Attention to washing, seen that should never be put in the dishwasher but clean hand, once cooled, taking care to always use the minimum indispensable as a detergent.

Griddles cast iron has a unique neo, that relative to the weight: in fact, this material is very heavy, so unsuitable for large griddles, that may be extremely difficult to raise. The best, however, are those whose bottom is grooved, because they can better gather the cooking fats: even, in some models, there is a special nozzle from which to spill liquids. The non-stick griddle, however, do not allow a uniform cooking as well as that of cast iron, but they are much more practical and easy to handle, making it also suitable when you want a larger model that takes up even two fires, often professional mold and suitable for large families or those who have always many dinner guests.

Electric Grill

The electric broilers are also very popular: the main feature is not working in the heat from a flame but thanks to electricity, to which they are connected. The two parts that form the body of the griddle plate, wherein the top is closable by a way of the lid, possess both heating coils in which then passes the electric current. The plates should be identical to those of a traditional grill, and present several grooves, always pointed to collect the fat.

The electric grill causes the food being cooked should not be shot from one side and then the other, because the cooking takes place evenly and simultaneously. It is preferable to add salt or spices only after cooking, rather than in cooking. If the lid of the grill is, however, fixed to the floor, then it can also be used as an additional space for cooking food, even if you are required to turn the food.

The electric grill does not create differences in terms of characteristics of the food, then the classical ones and, after all, not even with respect to the barbecue, but you have to pay more attention to the temperature of use, because when it gets too high, some foods lose their characteristics nutrition. That’s why some models allow you to set the desired temperature, keeping it under control even during cooking. The electric grill has an advantage over the traditional one, for what concerns the dirt and the smell of cooked. In fact, you greatly reduce the smoke and the smell and, moreover, may be preferred those models equipped with special devices and eats smoke odors.

At this serves, for example, a tray to be placed below the cooking surface, feeling of water. As a rule, the largest electric broilers are also the best ones from the point of view of quality as regards performance: however, it is also the least manageable and indicated only for those who have adequate space to store them, even when closed.

How to choose Grill Cookware

We have seen that in the market, there are many types of grills, all valid and all suitable to cook not only meat but also fish, cheese, vegetables and fruit. But, of course, the best way to get the highest versatility is to orientate on plates that allow us to adjust the temperature, running the risk of not set too high, eliminating both the possibility of burning the food, is that of producing to smoke and unpleasant odors, without forgetting that the extreme temperatures cause a depletion of food, from the nutritional point of view.

The electric grill, which although has considerable advantages from this point of view, it is also, however, a small appliance to which particular attention and that, perhaps, may not be suitable for a quick use or for one or two people who want a slice of grilled meat. If you prefer an electric grill will be good to choose a model in which you can remove the plates with great simplicity: it will be subsidized in cleaning operations, without running the risk of involving the electric heaters.

The size is another important element in the selection, so much so that we mentioned from the outset, especially as regards griddle’s cast iron, very heavy and unwieldy, since with increasing size also increases the weight. Griddle plates made of non-stick material. However, in some cases have a double plate: one side is smooth, suitable for cooking foods that do not lose a lot of fat, or perfect for toasting on the other are grooved for the traditional barbecue.

The handles should always be well insulated and do not conduct heat, so they can use the appliance safely. If an electric grill should fail within two years of purchase, it will be well to remember that it is covered by warranty: however, it is always better to send your grill repaired by specialized centers and avoid DIY.