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Today UK | February 18, 2018

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How to Choose Clothing for Plus Size?

How to Choose Clothing for Plus Size?
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The plus-size clothing is a very sensitive issue to deal with because they concern a number of people who have difficulty finding the right clothes because of its measures. In the shops in fact are often not suitable for all sizes and above all, not to all the physical conformations.

Larger size to 44

Define what are the plus size is no simple matter: it is a non-unique or definitive definition which depends on market trends and choices of fashion houses. If we try to do a tour of the clothing store’s brands more or less known we observe that the distribution of some size is increased at the expense of others, which are rare or even unavailable. If we take as an example women’s trousers, we can easily realize that the sizes of between 38 and 44 are always available. As early as the 46th, however, we see that the number of size decreases and then decreased sharply if we want a 48. If we try a 50 probably not find it at all.

Indeed, many fashion brands prefer not to produce large sizes for reasons of business and marketing. So we can conclude that the large sizes are the range of sizes than those made by all the clothing companies because they are considered too large for the proposed models. However, let’s talk about the specifics of such sizes. Surely, of sizes from 50 but not only. Today, the fort is also the size 48 and according to some also 46. Let’s say that the woman who wears a size greater than 44 begins to have difficulty in dressing and must refer to the plus size category if you want to find models that fit well on your body. In this guide, we will discuss how to orient ourselves in the market if we take a size greater than 44.

Features of Plus Size

As we said fashion sets market trends highlighting some sizes at the expense of others. But it is also true that the fashion world has not remained completely indifferent to this category of women talk about women on the physical soft not wanting to miss the opportunity to feel stylish and beautiful with a few extra pounds. In fact, these women want to hide some parts of the body and enhance others. For this reason, the plus size clothing sector is not easy: you have to work on models and tissues to achieve the best results. Leaders must have the best fit and be more feminine and fashionable.

The biggest problem concerns the cutting of the pants because not only includes the size but in this case also the physical conformation: we are faced with a narrow waist with legs rather robust or on the contrary, to a waist burdened with legs in line. There need. Therefore, a number of different models that meet the differing requirements. In addition, it would be very important to find qualified personnel in the stores so you can receive a tailored advice for your body size.

In this type of clothing are the most delicate part of your pants: the cuts and patterns must be different and stretch and they fit well with the physical. To the top of the mix will be different cuts alternating with wider flared models and different types of information: for example, three-quarter sleeves or balloon. The choice of colors in the collection is crucial: they must be fashionable but also serve to streamline.

Shape and Body

Fall into the group of women who wear the so-called plus-size means not to have a choice available to clothing. It also means having a body marked by smooth curves and at times a few extra pounds. But not only. Why do not all women are the same, and the physical shape is important and should keep in mind when choosing clothes for wear? For example, example a woman with a pronounced waist and hips will need a cut of pants that will not be the same as a woman with a little belly pronounced. The two women will probably be the same size despite having completely different needs.

But let’s see what are the most common types of body shape and how to dress women in each of these cases:

  • Hourglass Shape: narrow waist bust and shapely legs. Women who have a physical hourglass shape they must choose a type of clothing that enhances the waist. Well blouses or shirts with V-necks also deep. For the upper part it is important not to choose clothes too tight. For the bottom better focus on skirts or on high-waisted trousers. The heels are important because the body’s contours. Are also fine wedges;
  • Pear Shape: petite upper body legs and shapely hips. Low-cut shirts are fine preferably with a boat neck.Well the balloon sleeves. You can opt for a push-up bra. For pants better to choose a loose fit. Are prohibited folds in favor of soft skirts in flowing fabrics;
  • Apple Shape: here the buxom focuses on the stomach chest arms and shoulders.

Knowing How to Enhance

In any category of physical belongs to dress well you should first try to focus on what are the strengths and weaknesses of your body. Then you can start looking for the right clothes having a clear idea of ​​what cuts preferred. Knowing what you try the market will meet us with specific proposals. For all, some advice to value itself

  • Remember to dress in one color helps. Better choose a darker color. The total black is definitely the favorite of many women but you can also choose the midnight blue, plum, forest green;
  • Vertical lines create an optical effect that makes it seem more tall and slender physique. Do not forget that the horizontal lines give the opposite effect;
  • The right fit: it has never dress up in clothes too tight but not too loose with clothes. So if you have no to leggings legs vigorous but not even the pants are too big or maxi skirts;
  • Choose materials with care: better fabrics slipped and light at the expense of tissue thinking as corduroy or tweed or wool very large;
  • Keep in mind your weaknesses: the dress must first of all give you then if possible be fashionable. None of us can follow all the guidelines dictated by the trends of the seasons best to select what news do the job.

Moreover even height is very important. So go ahead to heels shoes and wedges shoes. Remember that to slim the figure is a good idea to wear ankle cut trousers, always with heels shoes.